The LR2 Mini-Riders deliver the same strength, durability and cutting performance as our larger lawn tractors, just in a more compact design. 

Benefitting from smooth hydrostatic transmissions, integrated LED lighting and reverse mowing technology, the LR2 Mini-Riders are fully equipped and easy to handle. 

With optimum control, cutting edge technology and a choice of cutting options, these Mini-Riders will help you get the job done quickly and comfortably.

LR2 NR76
EAN: 4008423865493
LR2 NS76
EAN: 4008423875508
LR2 FR60
EAN: 4008423883374


Hydrostatic drive system

The MINI-RIDER LR2 series are equipped with a luxurious hydrostatic drive system. With the parking brake at the left side and the one-pedal foot control on the right side.


The brand new IPA system makes parking your LR2 in your garage or summer house a breeze. The intelligent system halves the speed of your MINI-RIDER, for reversing more safely and precisely. RevTEKTM – Reverse Mowing Technology: Mowing in reverse, when no kids or animals are around. Ensuring greater safety (except the LR2 FR60).

60cm / 24" mowing deck

The Mini-Rider cutting deck is wide enough to cut up to 1,5002 in an hour, but small enough to fit through most garden gates. With options to collect, discharge or mulch the grass clippings, the Mini-Rider mowing deck can handle it all.

420 cm³ Cub Cadet OHV Engine

The powerful and reliable single cylinder Cub Cadet engine has more than enough reserves to provide you with sufficient force under any condition. The overhead valve technology, cast iron cylinder, ball bearings on the crankshaft, electronic ignition and many other state-of-the-art features make this engine a long-life and strong heart of the MINI-RIDER.

Telescopic steering column

The steering column can be adjusted to suit your personal height and a soft-grip steering wheel, makes the Mini-Rider a comfortable place to be.

Adjustable seat

The deluxe comfortable seat is adjustable, so it is simple to find your perfect seating position to enjoy mowing the lawn.

Cutting height adjustment & PTO clutch

The cutting height can easily be adjusted in 5 positions from 38 mm to 95 mm and with the individual deck clutch lever the cutting deck can be switched on and off. Both levers are located ergonomically on the right side of the seat.

Super grip pedals

The super grip pedals on our Mini-Riders are soft, comfortable and provide excellent grip to ensure you are always in control, even in bad conditions.


Professional Grade Seat and Steering wheel for premium usage.

LED Lights

Mow from dawn to dusk safely with the reassurance that when the light fades, you can still get the job done with effective LED lights.

Front bumper

Helps prevent damage to your Mini-Rider and provides greater durability - available on the rear collection Mini-Riders.