Scarifying is an important part of lawn care. It helps to fight the notorious thatch which forms on every lawn and blocks the supply of air, water and nutrients to the roots.

Correct scarifying will let your lawn breathe again but don't forget to reseed blank spots and nourish the lawn with fertiliser and water.

The Cub Cadet XC1 Series apply the power you need to remove this thatch and let sunlight, air and water reach the soil again.

The XC1 also features blades and springs which means you get two functions in a single machine - aerating and scarifying.

XC1 B35
EAN: 4008423872408
XC1 B40
EAN: 4008423853223


Blades and springs

The XC1 B35 has 15 flail double blades and 14 double springs and the XC1 B40 has 17 flail blades and 14 double springs. This combination allows for two functions in one machine - aerating and scarifying.

If you would like to aerate the soil use the higher position with a gentle touch of the blades and springs on the surface of the soil. If there is the need to scarify, use a deeper position of the blades and springs which allows a more aggressive action on the surface.

Working depth adjustment

The working depth of the Cub Cadet XC1 scarifiers can easily be changed centrally.

Remote transport position

With the lever on the handle you can switch from transport to working position quickly and easily.