Using the XC3 garden tiller, the strenuous and time-consuming task of digging and loosening the soil by hand with a spade, is a thing of the past.

Powerful and reliable, this tiller tackles any job; breaking up even the hardest of soil and facilitating seed preparation. 

XC3 F46
EAN: 4008423854015


Dual tine direction - superior ground breaking

With 33 cm dual direction, self-sharpening tines, the XC3 tiller provides fine cultivating and seedbed preparation in any soil.

Covers more ground

Extra-wide 46cm/18" tilling width gives you more tilling area with each pass – so you can cover more ground quickly.

Easy to use

Single-hand operation lets you stand to the side and steer the tiller with one hand. Comfortable full bail handle with soft grips.

Depth Stake

The adjustable depth bar gives the tiller better stability and allows the tilling depth to be controlled.

Full Cover

Fully covered time set with 46cm/18" working width makes using this machine safer and more effective.